Our Services

List of Services Description:

Please review our list of services before booking your appointment! 24 hour notice must be given for cancelations in order to reschedule.

Equine Therapy Session $110: (Equine therapy appointments can only be booked for Monday-Friday.) The therapy program is the heart and soul of Thompson Therapy. Equine therapy sessions with Dr. Thompson offer clients a fresh approach to their struggles. Working with a wide range of issues, Dr. Thompson with the help of her horses structures each clients sessions to be highly personalized, organic, and result oriented. Dr. Thompson facilitates and guides the relationships between her clients and her horses as a therapeutic model that opens up new possibilities, perspectives, and solutions.

Women’s Day Retreats $175: Our day retreats are an amazing way to check in with yourself, reconnect, reflect, and integrate the necessary changes you want to make in your life. Retreats are typically from 10am-3pm and provide a therapeutic structure that enables participates to safely explore issues that they have been struggling with and allow them the creative space to experience a different perspective.

Summer Camps $350-$400: With kids and adult summer camps offered, there is no need to be so serious!! Play is such an important part of leading a happy life, no matter what age. Summer camps at Thompson Therapy are all about FUN but are also extremely educational and experiential.

Horsemanship Lesson $60: Horsemanship lessons are about so much more than learning how to ride. Dr. Thompson gives her students a well-rounded education in what it takes to become a successful horse-person. From training, horse care, herd psychology, riding, and communication, students in the riding program are taught natural horsemanship practices that not only apply to their relationship with horses but to the world around them. Horsemanship Lesson Packages also available (4 weekly lessons for $220.)

Trail Ride $65: One hour trail rides take you on a tour of the beautiful 300-acre property. The horses are gentle and experienced but still spirited so it is required that riders are at least 10 years of age. Maximum number of a group is four people. The ride winds through Florida cypress wet lands, into the woods, back out into the open pasture where the free roaming herd of 23 horses graze, and around the lake. There is plenty of Florida wildlife to be seen and it is the best trail ride around!