Our Program


Underneath all of our labeling that we use to signify different disorders, impairments and varying levels of suffering, we are all participating in the mystery of what it means to be human. We may all have different obstacles standing in the way of self-realization yet the possibility is still present for each and every one of us. The paths we may take to get there might be worlds apart but in its simplest form, the journey of self-discovery exists in completion in every moment.

Dr. Thompson’s equine therapy program operates from the idea that within the horse-human interaction, moments of self-realization may eventually be experienced consciously and thus successfully integrated into one’s character and way of being. This may take shape in different ways for different people but the beauty of horse-guided therapy is in its simplicity.

The relationship between horse and human has been one of mystery and deep fascination for ages; inspiring countless myths, works of art, dreams, and more recently equine therapy programs that seek to directly reap the benefits of being close to this wonderful animal.

Dr. Thompson recognizes that the healing potential between horses and humans has more to do with the mystery and beauty of life than with scientific measurnments of success. Offering a therapeutic program as a point of entree into a life that is self-sustaining, peaceful, centered, and conscious, clients are afforded a life-changing opportunity.

Clients may arrive with a very specific set of issues they need to address or there may just be a general sense that something just isn’t quite right. The development of each individual client’s program, while taylored specifically to their needs, contains a foundational element of the development of self-awareness. No matter how emotionally damaged, fearful, or challenged clients may be, self-awareness is always possible. It is out of this belief that an incredibly simple and effective equine therapy program was created.

To become self-aware people must see and experience their reflection in the world. This is why horses are the best therapists. They have the innate ability to reflect for us our emotional, mental, bodily and spiritual states within the first few moments of an interaction with them. Metaphors and analogies help clients to identify their positive and negative behaviors; building on healthy values and exploring how to change harmful attitudes through the help of horses.

Equine Therapy is beneficial for so many different groups of people that there is no need to discriminate between who should and should not seek out the powerful healing potential of horses. Here are a few examples of issues that Dr. Thompson and her horses have successfully treated through the horse-human bond:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Body issues

  • ADD and ADHD

  • Anger management

  • PTSD

  • Isolation and loneliness

  • Physical disability

  • Low self-esteem

  • Interpersonal issues

  • Emotional disturbances

  • Behavioral problems

  • Trust issues

  • ASD 

  • Addiction