Our Horses

The Horses

All of the horses in the therapy program live as close to a natural life as possible. Unlike many domesticated horses, they live on over 300 acres of wide open space among a herd of over twenty others. They are never confined to a stall, paddock or arena, they never wear shoes, and are never used for competition. They are free to graze, run, kick, swim, hide in the shade of the trees, and roll in the sunshine.

salto1Salto de fe 

Saltos, for short, embodies every aspect of his full name Salto de fe which translates ‘leap of faith’. His natural power and authority are obvious when in his presence. Saltos is brave, daring, strong willed and incredibly gentle. He is a patient teacher who fully involves himself in his interactions with people. While he is wise beyond his years, he also has a very playful side to his personality. The inner and outer beauty of this magnificent horse has been the continued inspiration for our therapeutic program.




CJCalamity Jane

The beauty of Calamity Jane is in her complexity. To earn her trust you must be honest with yourself first. Calamity’s energetic body is always an amplified reflection of those that engage with her. She is a highly sensitive horse that can detect even the slightest levels of anxiety, tension, and fear. For this reason, working with Calamity can help to resolve serious issues grown from fear and nonacceptance of oneself.





Such a sweet soul, Lefty continually reminds clients of the necessity for allowing a softening of their heart. He is open, willing, accepting, patient and humble. So often in our lives we build layers upon layers of protection over our hearts because of past experiences and our fear of yet another disappointment. Lefty is a beautiful example of what it means to remain open and to allow oneself to place trust in others despite past heartache. 





Rescued from a failed career on the racetrack, Hank came to the property relieved yet confused. He had never been properly socialized as a horse and was often found grazing alone on the outskirts of the herd. Eventually he was accepted as a member of the herd and his personality continues to blossom and evolve. Unaware of his giant stature, Hank behaves like a big puppy dog always looking for attention. Taking full advantage, and rightly so, of his new freedoms outside of his years of training for the track, Hank is not always willing to comply. Thus, asking for his cooperation requires much in the way of patience and skillful compromise.





The first thing that draws people to Jasper is his obvious and striking beauty. His unique leopard appaloosa pattern invites the projection of our human ideas of beauty. Spend some time with Jasper, and it becomes clear that his way of being is not clouded by our constructs of beauty. His personality is in one word, goofy. . . Standing just below Hank in height, his size can sometimes be intimidating. Jasper has in the last three years gone through three different owners. At the age of 12, who knows how many different owners he may have belonged to. Working with Jasper requires an effort towards deep connection, continuity, and trust. We anticipate that he will continue to reveal deeper levels of his character as he comes to understand that he has found a true and lasting home.




This little pony was such an obvious addition to the team at Thompson Therapy, the decision to adopt him was a no-brainer. Unlike most ponies with a reputation for being ornery, this little guy is as cuddly as he can be. But do not equate his size with a small personality! Spirit is the first one to greet new horses arriving to the pasture to let them know that he will not be stepped on, literally and metaphorically. Spirit seeks out attention from people and is a social butterfly. His playful behavior brings out the inner child in everyone he comes into contact with. Having lived at the pasture longer than the majority of the herd, he must be full of stories.